Wednesday, 20 June 2012

basement renovations // home gym

A promised, here is (a) before and (some) after pictures from the development of our basement.

When we bought our house the basement was unfinished (aside from drywall on the outer walls, a few rooms framed in on the far north side of the house, and plumbing roughed in for a future bathroom).   Unfortunately, when we came into our house and I was snapping pictures of it while it was still empty, I only took one picture of this particular corner... It was a big open space, with no interior walls or doors, aside from those leading into the utility room. 

Nearly a year ago now, Brett decided to buy a universal gym.  The day the gym was shipped to our house  - in roughly a hundred little 20lb boxes - Brett could hardly contain his excitement, and decided to set it up right away.  With the gym now set up, there was really nothing else we could do with the area, because the system itself takes up SO much space, and is not portable in any way.  So, we decided to build a room around it.

We framed in a wall, installed lighting and power outlets, sealed the floor and laid down a low-pile carpet, hung drywall, finished the window frame, painted the walls, installed the doors and trim, hung a suspended ceiling and put up an entertainment system in the corner.

Over all I'd say it took about a three months, working on bits at a time, and enlisting help from; one of Brett's co-workers who has experience with mudding and taping, and Brett's dad who helped out with the electrical and suspended ceiling.

So that's that... now we have a nice, clean, finished, work out space right in our own home!


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