Wednesday, 18 July 2012

bits and pieces // july 8-15 2012

A couple of things:

1) I'd like to change 'bits and pieces' to Monday-Sunday, rather than Sunday-Saturday.  I like the idea of finishing off each weekly installment with a whole weekend, rather than chopping it in half and carrying Sunday away with me to another post.

2) I completely fell off my own blogging bandwagon last week.  Work was busy, life was busy, we accomplished a lot, and I did not think of the blog once!  oops... so here I am playing catch up.

Highlights include:

  • raspberries are starting to ripen up!  especially the 'fall gold' variety
  • made myself a great mojito with homegrown mint
  • picked up a bag of THE BEST cherries of the year so far at co-op
  • Brock Lesnar signed the t-shirts we bought!
  • my orchid bloomed another flower
  • Brett won big money golfing at Men`s Night on Thursday
  • on the road again, to Saskatoon
  • a Mexican wedding reunion at Las Palapas with some of our greatest friends from back home :D
  • Taste of Saskatchewan - I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of our food!
  • great visits with family over the weekend
  • and an arrangement of beautiful flowers for Aunt Isabelle

A side note on the Brock Lesnar T-Shirts - We`re not die hard UFC fans, but based on proximity we figured it would be cool to get an autograph from someone famous, UFC 116 Heavyweight Champion over Shane Carwin. 
When Brett and I were still living in the city we would go out with a group of friends to watch UFC.  Brett was fairly into it when we started dating, and it was a great way to get out and visit with some of our friends at a little pub in Saskatoon called Specklebelly`s.  When we moved down to South East Saskatchewan, we learned that Brock Lesnar farmed not far from where we live, and that he buys farm equipment here in town.  A good friend of ours works at the dealership where Brock and his brother buy most of their equipment, so we gave her some t-shirts to get signed the next time she saw him.  And she saw him.  Last week.  So we now have a signed Brock Lesnar T-shirt, and we gave Brett`s brother Mike the plain white UFC one.  


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