Tuesday, 26 June 2012

summer twenty twelve // feist and a weekend home

I'm a bit delayed in commenting on my trip home to Saskatoon for the weekend.  I had planned on posting Sunday evening, or sometime on Monday, but I have been insanely busy, and therefore wasted tired when I get home...

As I had mentioned earlier, I went home this weekend to Saskatoon.  I stayed with my best friend and her bf, and had a jam packed schedule:

  • Friday evening, right when I arrived in Saskatoon, I met Sarina and Phil at the home of a couple they are friends with. We had a Thai fondue dinner and played Wizard afterwards. I haven't had a games night in ages, so it was tons of fun to learn a new game!
  • Saturday morning, Sarina asked Sarah and I to help her volunteer for Aids Saskatoon, handing out red ribbons in support of the awareness of HIV/AIDs in Saskatoon.
  • Saturday afternoon, I made a broccoli salad and we had a relaxed BBQ with a group of friends in Sarah's backyard.
  • After eating and polishing off of a pitcher of sangria (no specific recipes uses - otherwise I would post it here), we walked down to the  Saskatchewan Jazz Festival and took in the  Feist show!
  • On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early for breakfast at Poached.
  • After breakfast I went home and had a visit with Mom and Grandpa, then
  • I hit the road!
**A re-creation of a photo we had taken almost four years ago at Feist's show in Regina


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