Thursday, 26 July 2012

summer twenty twelve // mojitos

Summer Manifesto - Item 005 "Drink Mojitos"

As part of my summer manifesto - I dedicated myself to learn the art of creating the perfect mojito.  I LOVE mojitos.  It's a treat to get them whenever I go out out for drinks or dinner,  I drank them multiple times a day when we were at the all inclusive in Mexico, and a friend and I even had a designated Mojito Monday when I lived in Calgary.

Back in the spring, I knew I wanted to try my hand at herb gardening.  So when I saw that the local greenhouse was selling mojito mint (yes, there is a specific type), I jumped for joy.  I don't really need mint for anything else, I don't use it in cooking, I might use it in tea, but really all I need mint for is mojitos!        
This was my first solid attempt at making a mojito using the mint grown right in our own backyard.  I used this recipe, for one mojito.  Brett was golfing the night I made this, otherwise I would likely make a pitcher vs. just the one glass.

I would change one thing about this recipe.  The sugar.  The sugar needs to be dissolved before going into the drink.  I was finding the drink rather strong when I took my first few sips, then it occurred to me that all the sugar had sank, undissolved, to the bottom of the glass.  For this drink, I just grabbed a spoon and kept stirring it every time I took a sip.  But in the future, I would squeeze lime juice over the amount of sugar I plan on using a few minutes before mixing the drink.

'Odd' kitchen utensils are fairly hard to find in this meat, potatoes and beer kind of town.  So the next time I'm in the city I'll take a harder look for a mojito muddler... for now I've just been using the back of a spoon.

And that my friends, was my first legitimate homemade mojito of the year.

On photo editing - this is me testing out some of the functions on again... I chose to make a FB cover style collage, and rounded the corners until the images on the left became circular.


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