Monday, 23 July 2012

bits and pieces // july 16-22 2012

This is my first Monday-Sunday bits and pieces post.

I did NOT have an exciting weekend in the very least.  This was my weekend to work, and most of our systems were down for IT maintenance. So work dragged on, and on, and ON.

My photos from last week will be posted on THURSDAY (July 26th) when I get some quality time with my computer at home.

Some highlights (aside from being sick!):

  • the pink lilies have started to bloom
  • first (small) harvests of raspberries and cherry tomatoes... something has been eating away at some of my tomatoes - not impressed!
  • booger face looking for some camera time
  • I've really got to make a recipe that involves fresh oregano
  • the last few months we'll periodically see two dogs (they are obviously best buds) cruisin' around the neighborhood.  They stopped by to give Brett a good sniff and get a pet out of him while he was moving the sprinkler in the front yard

On photo editing - I think I may have mentioned before, but I am a COMPLETE technology NOOB!  I don't have photo shop, and it just so happens that through the wonders of blog posts and links, I was able to find Infact I was so impressed that I made it one of my Friday Favorites.  

My usual suspect effects are: tranquil or polaroid...  this week I tried dusk, and layered some frost on to a few of the top pictures. 


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