Saturday, 4 August 2012

journal post // 001

There's something incredible about home life these days.

Work and the daily grind are just that, the daily grind.  It doesn't upset me to come to work, it doesn't make me happy to come to work... It's just work.  Plain and simple, no ups, no downs - just stagnant.

I love coming home.  Brett too, he's said that a lot over the last few days or weeks even, either way, it's been a while now.  We are slowly growing into our house and making it more and more like home.  It's permanent now. We like the town, we like making friends here, and Brett is truly fulfilled by his work.  We're not curious about the future, not hoping for another door to open and reveal some great idealistic prize on the other side.  We are happy and winning!

There was a time not so long ago when I was itching.  Itching for something big to happen, pushing for some sort of unnatural change.  I wasn't content to just let things be.  Nope, not one bit.  What changed?  Great question.  I don't know what changed.  Nothing perhaps, and that could be what's most important.

Our whole relationship has been one stepping stone after the other, quick, little, hurried steps.  We weren't in a rush or anything, I suppose it was just the pace we'd been used to.   Life is calm now, and we can stop and take it all in.  It really is nice, to be so at peace and compatible with each other.

Our dog brings so much joy to our lives.  I am going to sound like the biggest sap, but she radiates love.  It's true.  Call me crazy, but she has the kindest, gentlest soul. She loves Brett and I equally and she is just the best at making you feel like there is nothing to worry about in life.  We are both so proud of what a good dog she's turned out to be.

We are one happy little family.


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