Wednesday, 8 August 2012

travel plans // the beginning of a new post series

Kelly Purkey's geotag stamp - I bought one, and I'm psyched to use it!  <3

Recently, my daydreams have been all about travelling.  I feel like I really need to escape somewhere and I have all these grand ideas of places to go, and things to see - around the world and close to home. Until sometime next year those daydreams will just have to stay where they are, cluttering my up my head, browser history, and notebooks.

With all the projects we are tackling around the house, and by socking away vacation days from work to use at Christmas time, we're on hold when it comes to exploring this wonderful world of ours.

In September we do have a short three day trip planned to Clear Lake in Manitoba.  Clear Lake is close to home, a 3 hours drive, and has been highly recommended by our new friends in the area.  

Over the last day or two I've spent some time typing, re-typing, reconsidering and reviewing this post.  What started as an idea to post a list of all my current North American travel plans, quickly became the realization that if I were to put all of my travel ideas into one post, it would be 10,000 miles long and take centuries to read.

So thus begins a new posting series... travel plans //  ________________ 


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